Personalising The Funeral

Personalising the Funeral

There are a number of ways of personalising a funeral service.  This can include creating Service Booklets, having one or more people deliver a eulogy, play a special piece of music or produce a Audio Visual presentation which is played at the funeral.

You may like to provide an order of service booklet to those who attend the funeral.

These are helpful for mourners and can be sent to people who can’t make the service. An order of service may include a photo or photos of the deceased, the hymns or songs, readings and anything else you would like.

We will arrange this for you. If you wish you can meet with the printer to help design a truly personalised booklet.

After the funeral we can arrange for printing of thank you cards for you to send to people who gave flowers and donations.

A eulogy is a speech in celebration of the deceased’s life.

It can be very formal, very simple or can even be funny. A eulogy gives an opportunity to say goodbye and gives those attending the funeral a time to reminisce and remember.

Anyone can deliver a eulogy – a family member, friend or the celebrant.  It is best delivered by someone who has known the deceased. The best eulogies are often a collaboration – a collection of stories and memories from those who were close to the person, so sharing the responsibility of writing and delivering the eulogy is fine.

It is never easy to condense a life down to a few words, but the following ideas will give you somewhere to start:

  • Describe their personality
  • Think of their achievements and their community involvement
  • What was their sense of humour like? Their political beliefs and philosophical views?
  • Did they travel or love being in nature? Or maybe they hated both.
  • Think of their family, of course, and work colleagues and friends. What did they like or dislike?
  • How will this person be remembered?

For a more formal or historical approach, you may like to include the following:

  • Where was the deceased born
  • Nicknames
  • Parents names
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Early childhood
  • Awards gained
  • Academic or trade qualifications and achievements
  • Details of any war or military service
  • Details of marriages, divorces, children, significant relationships
  • Details of grandchildren/great grandchildren
  • Details of any Club memberships, position held
  • Details of sporting achievements
  • Details of any hobbies or interests, travel, crafts etc.
  • Beloved pets

Music is an important element of the Funeral Service and gives you an opportunity to personalise the service.

For formal church services you will need to discuss your choice of hymns or music with the priest or minister. We can arrange an organist or have recorded music available for you.

If you are using a Funeral Celebrant then the Celebrant will discuss the music with you. Usually you need to consider three pieces of music for the service – one as the service commences, one for reflection during the service and one following the committal at the end of the service.

We can obtain the music for you. If you are providing the music, we will need to have the music the day prior to the service so it can be tested.

You may also like to consider live music such as a piper or professional singer.

Some venues have the capability to play photo presentations with music.

Your Funeral Planner will advise what venues have the appropriate equipment.

We strongly recommend that you use a professional designer to design the presentation.

If you are creating the presentation you need to download these instructions to ensure the presentation will work on the day of the service.

Click on this link to download Photo and DVD Presentation Guide.

Please have the presentation finished and a copy available for us at least 24 hours prior to the service so we can test that the presentation will play on the venue’s equipment.